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Mariner 50 - water from front of drive shaft housing

So running up a pair of Mariner 50 2-strokes (on the flush muffs) after a 10-12 week layoff (including the recent cold snap), I noticed that on one of them, there was a lot of water coming out of a hole in the front of the drive shaft housing - so 2-3 inches above the cavitation plate, about the height of the yoke. I've never noticed this before, and only one engine is doing it now.

There is water coming from the telltale, and the engine seems to idle happily on the muffs without overheating.

The hole the water's coming from is a manufactured one, not a crack or anything, both engines have the same hole there. So I assume there's no water going where water's not supposed to go (ie as sea water can get in through the hole whenever it wants, the cooling water can't be going anywhere that's not supposed to get wet). So maybe it doesn''t matter - but it just seems odd and a little worrying to get this new behaviour from the engine.

Anyone got any ideas please, or do "they all do it"?


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Hi do you have a piccy?
some engines do this.
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