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SeaStar Steering -BEFORE you depart on a trip-

Hey guys and gals.....

Have had a lot of questions regarding "what to do, or, how to inspect my system?"

Before leaving the dock, or backing it down the ramp…

• Check oil level in helm pump (check the highest helm in a twin helm set up). The oil should be visible just below the entry threads of the filler cap.
• Look for evidence of a leak at and around; the helm wheel shaft, hose connections (helm, cylinder and autopilot if fitted).
• Check ALL hoses for sings of chaffing, kinking, worn or damaged.
• Check all fasteners to ensure that they are tight.
• Turn steering wheel from hard over to hard over, confirming that the engine(s), rudder(s) or outdrive(s) are moving to input from the wheel.

If any of the above turns up a fault, DO NOT depart on your trip. Repair the suspect part prior to next use, everyone wants to be safe on the water….

The above are the small things that you should check EVERY TIME, before you go out for the day…

For a detailed steering inspection, contact your local dealer, they will have techs that can assist
Teleflex technical support monitors this site on a periodic basis. Email us at: we will try our hardest to get back with you withing one business day..

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