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SeaStar Steering -winter is coming-

hey users. To start, I am sorry to use the word "winter" in the title I, like you, do not want to see the boat get all wrapped up and put away for the long, dark, cold months that are ahead of use, but, Mother Nature wins again, so. Is there anything that you feel should be done "before" you leave the boat till Spring? Yes, and it is simple...

* has your steering system been telling you something all season? in other words. have you had a leak that you tried to ignore, a wheel that didn't feel right? If so. Now is the time to deal with this. Nothing worse than when Spring rolls around and the first weekend that you can get back on the water is spent trying to track down what should have been fixed long ago...

* Take off your steering wheel and grease the shaft. As simple as this sounds, it will help you out a bunch

* remove the support rod from the engine steering tube (outboards). clean the tube, re-grease, then reinstall...

* Check ALL fasteners to ensure that they are secured properly

* check ALL hoses to ensure that they are in good working order.

The above is the simple stuff. Once Spring rolls around, I will send out a similar update, but with way more detailed information..

For those of you that don't get our lovely winters, as normal, be sure to check the following "prior to every trip"

* Check fluid level in helm pump (highest station only in multi-station boats)
* Verify immediate response when turning steering wheel(s)
* Visually inspect all steering hoses and fittings for wear, kinking and/or leaks.
* check for binding, loose, worn or leaking steering components.

DO NOT operate your boat if any component is not in proper working order..

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask

Marc D. Adams
Teleflex Marine ______________
Teleflex technical support monitors this site on a periodic basis. Email us at: we will try our hardest to get back with you withing one business day..

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