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BayStar vs. SeaStar

The BayStar system is for "boats" rated to 150HP. The key word here is "boats". If you have a boat where the horse power rating exceeds 150HP, then BayStar is not an option for you. This is not saying that it won't mount, but, I would hate for someone to spend the money on the BayStar, only to find that if they re-power to a higher horse power, EVERYTHING needs to be changed to SeaStar.

BayStar and Bass Boats = NO. Again, BayStar will mount, however it is not designed to handle the larger loads that are seen on the bass boats. For bass boats, stick with SeaStar PRO, the system was designed with the Bass Boat in mind. The unique valving allows for precise control, and the Kevlar Hose limits expansion, thus adding to the precise control that the bass boater wants.

BayStar and Commercial boats = Maybe!. Depends on the application. The BayStar "will be" heavier to turn than the SeaStar, considering this fact, if the driver of the application is going to be turning that wheel for 8 hours everyday, it is probably a better choice to go with SeaStar, at least the driver's arms will thank you.

BayStar, as the name implies, is designed for use on the lower horse engines, that just run about in the bay on the weekend, this is the perfect fit for the BayStar system.

If this doesn't clear things up, or, makes it even more confusing, drop us an email at the address shown in our signature, we will be more than happy to assist..

Marc D. Adams
Teleflex technical support monitors this site on a periodic basis. Email us at: we will try our hardest to get back with you withing one business day..

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