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Irish Sea Cruising, What Boat Would You Choose?

Now that the summer is over and we have all been to look at the shiny boats at the Southampton Show, my boating friends and I have been contemplating what boat would be best for cruising the Irish Sea from the Isle of Man.
The ONLY constraints are it must have a diesel engine and length 8-10m .
Just to get the discussion ball rolling, we have recently looked at (and not in any particular order),
Scorpion 8.75
Redbay 950
Paragon 25 Ranger
XO 270 RS
Botnia Targa 27.1
So let's have your ideas and comments.

P.S. The Goldfish Ocean 500 is too expensive and not very pretty!!!

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Redbay 950-E and a big diesel lump. Self draining decks and could take a wee spray canopy. Double (ish) berths and a heads in there, potentially. As you know, I've done a few miles on these hulls and I like 'em. Tubes are out of the water so economy/speed is reasonable but the hull is very forgiving in the rough.

Obviously I'm biased

As for the big cabin things like the Botnia - very nice and all if you can afford to haul your house around the Irish Sea. Personally, I'd just spend the difference on nice hotel rooms and luxury restaurants - there are plenty of both in those cruising grounds!


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Had a look at the Redbay diesel yesterday Gary is pleased with it and 40 odd kn as well
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