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Country: UK - England
Town: Bromley, Kent
Make: GS209
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Engine: 4.3ltr 210hp Volvo Penta
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I have had a great response to my 'moan' or should I say 'ranting', I have seen the replies on the forum and personal messages, I have spoken to people in person and also on the phone. What a nice bunch you are!

The vote was about 50/50 but a little I must say in favour of 'you all have got the idea of what went on'. I respect that, and I have done my best to protect the great Forum you have here, through communication. I now agree that after all those 'wise words' from various people that this is not the right place to further my complaint. I want to thank everyone for their support.

And John K, thanks, I went back to the boat show, confronted Tohatsu (Sorry the ranting is starting again) ..................Anyway I think I have found another boat, I have a test drive with my son on Saturday.

I have learnt a lot about boat dealers, but there are some good honest ones out there. Don't be afraid to ask questions, it is your hard earned money, the good ones will do their best to answer them, or try to find the answer. Make sure it floats, good ones will offer you a test drive without question. Don't rush, do your research, not only on the boat but the dealer, you may have to go back to them regarding warranty work, if you have one! (make sure you do, in WRITING)

The country is flooded with boats for sale, if you are looking at a boat and think you are being lied to, have suspicions that something funny is going on, confront that dealer or person. When they have your money, in most cases it is then too late.

You may have thought you had bought a boat, even from a main importer/dealer, spent an awful amount of time and hours driving about to see it, gone and spent a lot of money on accessories for that particular one, but then told it has been sold when you ask for all the promises in writing and a test drive before paying, WALK AWAY you have had a lucky escape


'If in doubt, leave it out' (works for other things as well!)


Pete (all the wiser now)

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