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BOAT SUNK, Flanker rescued by RIBnet

The full story will be published later today, it will contain all the facts and be quite long. Should you not wish to read it please feel free to leave this thread now.

The facts I believe will shame the name of :-

Tohatsu Marine UK,
SO41 5RF.
Tel :- 01590 670787
Fax :- 01590 670520

Director :- Mr David Lees
Sales Manager :- Mr David Barrell

A copy of the facts on this thread will be forwarded as a complaint to :-

Tohatsu Corporation
4-9, 3-Chome Azusawa, Itabashi-ku
Tokyo, 174 Japan
Phone: 011-81-3-3966-3117
Fax: 011-81-3-3969-7885

A copy will also be forwarded to every Tohatsu dealer worldwide

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Like It!

A man after my own heart!

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Mental note: don't pi** off peter burns.
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Old 21 September 2002, 03:40   #4
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If you're not happy with the response you have got from Tohatsu UK, then by all means escalate it to Japan if you think that this will get you satisfaction.

You are obviously very pissed off, but it's not clear what you are trying to achieve apart from some sort of "revenge" which is pretty pointless IMO. Contacting Tohatsu dealers world wide will do nothing but give them all a laugh and make you look like a lunatic.

If you have any information that may be of genuine use to other RIBnet readers then by all means post it. I must insist, however, that you do not use RIBnet as a stick to beat Tohatsu with to vent your frustration.

You obviously have time on your hands. Why not use it to find a RIB and go boating?

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Country: UK - England
Town: Bromley, Kent
Make: GS209
Length: 6.137
Engine: 4.3ltr 210hp Volvo Penta
Join Date: Sep 2002
Posts: 231

I am not 'ranting', just a descent person with morals. I take note of what you say, I want to place the facts and only the facts on this forum, I can back this up with documentation that will be available to anyone who would like to view it. This will detail MY experience with Tohatsu Marine UK, which I would like to share. I thought that this forum was for information sharing, I want to let the viewers make up their own mind.

The last thing I want to do is upset anyone on here, you have all been so good to me. John please answer these questions openly :-

Am I being silenced John?

Are dirty tactics condoned by RIBnet?

Am I permitted to the put facts of MY recent dealings with Tohatsu Marine Uk on this forum?

The only link with RIBnet is the great help and support that I have been given, there is nothing in the facts that mention RIBnet.

Companies who treat their customers in such a way have to face the consequences, they have to understand that as a result of their actions, others may wish not to deal with them either. Of course everyone is free to make their own choice. I have seen mention of preference to products on here, waht is the difference.

The facts will be published elswhere anyway, I just don't want to have to say that RIBnet refused to let me put those same facts on their forum.

John, I will however go with the majority here, as I said before it is your forum, and the best I have seen, well done John! If anyone out there wants to see or does not want to see the facts please send me a PM with YES or NO on, I won't disclose who did or didn't want to see it, I will go with the majority. I will postpone the facts until Monday to give you all the choice, as I said before, it is your forum and I respect that.

Thanks to you all for everything,

Pete (off to the boat show to get a boat)
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RIBnet supporter
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My 2p's worth.
You are obviously upset.
We all get the message-Tohatsu is a no-no or must be treated with caution.
Complain privately to them and their HO by all means-we don't need to see the details.
JK's advice was spot on-your best bet is to get yourself a diferent RIB and go out in it. About 5 miles offshore you will be amazed how small this issue is in the scheme of things.
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I can only nod with agreement at Brian's words.

I'm not going to PM you in the "poll" which you've proposed, as I would like to suggest a different method of publishing the information which you have.

The reason for this is that this web site, like any other publication, has responsibility an liability for its contents. If you post material which you present as fact, and not opinion, then becomes responsible for it's presentation. I'm not doubting the truth of your story at all, just poining out that a company with something to hide may wish to use the law to stop publication or seek redress.

I'd hate to see John Kennett and compromised.
(BTW I have never met JK, nor do I have any connection with other than being a member like you)

Please Pete, don't post the info here.

Instead, please could you either put it on a web site of your own, or email a copy directly to me?

Also, perhaps to anyone else who PM's you about this?

Hope you have a good day at the boat show, they should put out the red carpet for you, as a genuine buyer!

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Old 21 September 2002, 08:07   #8
Country: UK - England
Make: Ribcraft 6.5
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I have to agree with Pepper. I would not recommend posting the info here.

I help moderate a couple of other forums, and we have had a few legal scares in the past with similar posts. We are now very hot on removing such posts.

I hope you find another boat soon. I'm sure you will get a better deal next time.
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Old 23 September 2002, 04:57   #9
Country: UK - England
Town: Bromley, Kent
Make: GS209
Length: 6.137
Engine: 4.3ltr 210hp Volvo Penta
Join Date: Sep 2002
Posts: 231
I have had a great response to my 'moan' or should I say 'ranting', I have seen the replies on the forum and personal messages, I have spoken to people in person and also on the phone. What a nice bunch you are!

The vote was about 50/50 but a little I must say in favour of 'you all have got the idea of what went on'. I respect that, and I have done my best to protect the great Forum you have here, through communication. I now agree that after all those 'wise words' from various people that this is not the right place to further my complaint. I want to thank everyone for their support.

And John K, thanks, I went back to the boat show, confronted Tohatsu (Sorry the ranting is starting again) ..................Anyway I think I have found another boat, I have a test drive with my son on Saturday.

I have learnt a lot about boat dealers, but there are some good honest ones out there. Don't be afraid to ask questions, it is your hard earned money, the good ones will do their best to answer them, or try to find the answer. Make sure it floats, good ones will offer you a test drive without question. Don't rush, do your research, not only on the boat but the dealer, you may have to go back to them regarding warranty work, if you have one! (make sure you do, in WRITING)

The country is flooded with boats for sale, if you are looking at a boat and think you are being lied to, have suspicions that something funny is going on, confront that dealer or person. When they have your money, in most cases it is then too late.

You may have thought you had bought a boat, even from a main importer/dealer, spent an awful amount of time and hours driving about to see it, gone and spent a lot of money on accessories for that particular one, but then told it has been sold when you ask for all the promises in writing and a test drive before paying, WALK AWAY you have had a lucky escape


'If in doubt, leave it out' (works for other things as well!)


Pete (all the wiser now)

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