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__________________________________________________ __Now, the point I am making, is that a pillock on a jetski now, will still be a pillock on a jetski if you bring in legislation to register his vessel.
__________________________________________________ __
Training insurance and registration may keep at few pillocks off the water ,and pehaps make the rest think twice if they were held accountable for their actions....

__________________________________________________ __
As I said before training is GOOD, lifejackets are GOOD, registering boats may even be GOOD,
__________________________________________________ __
Keith I'm glad you agree with me ,or do you feel that you have been stiched up!!!

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Hi Viking

Yes we all love boats (ribs, sibs, wind power thingys etc.), we just have different views on government interference.

Training insurance and registration may keep at few pillocks off the water
True, but my point is, that COMPULSORY training etc., will keep many people who may have taken up boating off the water as well as the pillocks.

Yes, training, safety, lifejackets are good, remember it is the COMPULSION that I argue against.

Talking of jetskis (!), I should imagine that people buy them for different reasons than I brought my little sib. They probably buy them because they are fast and they can zoom around on them posing. They most likely do not buy them because they like boats and want to be out on the water. Perhaps we could hear from any jetski owners on ribnet (if you care to own up).

Keith (off to paint the garage doors) Hart

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Now that I have a few glasses of wine inside me Iím going to add my thoughts......

Like a lot of people who have had RIBís for some time I have rescued a fair number of people and also, not wanting to go into too much detail have been helped out myself in the past.

If someone has taken a few obvious precautions when setting out to sea, then if things go wrong I have no problem helping them out. But there are the people who buy a boat and know nothing about it. They set out to sea and potentially threaten other peoples lives by doing so.

As an aside, one of my favorite memories was someone calling MAYDAY because their battery was flat. Listening to Solent coastguard putting them straight was superb.

If someone can afford to buy a boat and put a tow bar on their car then in my opinion they should also buy insurance to pay for any rescues that they may need from the various services. If on the other hand they donít then the craft is confiscated to pay for someone putting their life on the line. Any money left over is given back to them. Now insurance companies arenít daft in that someone with no experience will be charged a premium, but thatís life !

Supplemental insurance for loss of craft, 3rd party injury etc etc could still be optional and dependent on qualifications savings could me made.

Peace !


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