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Greetings, and a question, from the Isle of Wight

Hello everyone. My RIB, an Avon Searider, is fine. It's the inflateable I've acquired as a tender which has stumped me. Any help/suggestions appreciated.
It is a 2.5m B Square Marine, Pro Shore inflateable and it has an inflation valve which I have never come accross before.
Upon removing the twist-off cap from the valve/s in the sponson, one has the usual standard size hole which accepts the hose from a regular pump.
However, in the centre of the hole the hole is a square headed valve (henceforth referred to as the SHV) on a spring which, when depressed, clicks in and out a bit like a ball point pen actuator.
In it's normal position, the SHV is in its outermost, position. In this position, it retains whatever air is in the air in the sponson. However, it will not allow any further air from any inflator to pass into the sponson.
Clearly, the SHV needs to be pressed to allow air to pass it. Indeed, one would consider the air pressure from the pump would depress the SHV, sufficient to allow inflation air to pass. But it doesn't.

In order to allow air to pass the SHV, one has to press the valve and click it into the open position, where it stays down; just like a ballpoint pen actuator.
In this position, the SHV allows air to pass and the sponson/s inflate beautifully.Hurrah. However:
When you remove the inflation tube fron the inflation hole, all the air you have just put in escapes through the now open SHV and continues to do so until you press it to click it out again: by which time all of the air you have just pumped in comes right back out again.

I have asked around and had plenty of people try. But no-one really knows the secret here.
I'm guessing there must be a particular valve adapter or some technique required? But, for now, remain stumped.
Any ideas please anyone?
Yours gratefully.

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quite a few tube valves are like you've described, just use quick fingers to depress and pop out the central valve when your at the pressure required, you'll loose a very small amount of air - nothing to stress about

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Your question is fine in this forum.

That valve sounds very standard - maybe you could post on a couple of photos?

It will require a special fitting as you suspect. However, you should be able to make a workaround - something like a bit of tape and plastic over/in the existing hose end. You just need it to depress the inner valve plunger when filling. The joy is that when you take the hose off, the valve closes.
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Include a picture of the end of your filling hose too.
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