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Help with my new to me Avon WB460

I picked up an Avon WB 460 last week. I am concerned that the transom isn't right. The inside of the transom is flush all the way to Hypalon floor. There is no lip/ piece of wood to go over the rear edge of the aluminum floor boards where they meet the transom, so i think its missing, but perhaps this design doesn't have that. Can anyone send me/post a pic of the floorboards meeting the transom on one of these models?

On other sibs I have owned there is a drain hole thru the transom very near the soft floor to transom joint, and it usually pierces the flap of Hypalon that is wrapped and glued up the bottom edge of the transom. This boat doesn't have that, probably due to the large elephant trunk bailer it does have. But on a trailer stored boat, getting out that last inch of water would be good so I want to install one. I would be drilling thru the transom, sealing the now exposed wood with epoxy, and adding a plug insert. I would be going thru the transom Hypalon flap. Anybody done this, or see an issue with doing so?

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