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What is the maximum I can tow legally?

Q What is the maximum I can tow legally?

A It depends . . .

Towing vehicle up to and including 3500kg GVW
Length (excluding the coupling and drawbar) 7.0 metres
Width Maximum 2.3 metres

Towing vehicle over 3500kg GVW
Length (excluding the coupling and drawbar) 12 metres if at least 4 wheels
Width Maximum 2.55 metres

Length of towing vehicle and trailer combined 18 metres
Maximum overhang of load from rear of trailer 3.05 metres

Marking of rear overhang
Between 1m and 2m, ensure the end is clearly visible by attaching a piece of cloth or similar.
Between 2m and 3.05m, a marker board as defined in the Regulations must be fitted and illuminated at night.
If the overhang is more than 3.05m, an attendant must be carried and the police must be notified 2 days before commencing the journey.

Unbraked trailers - max. 750kg gross trailer weight or half the towing vehicle's kerb weight, whichever is less.
Trailers on overrun brakes - max 3500kg gross trailer weight

1982 regulations demand that all trailers, including unbraked ones, must be clearly marked with their maximum gross weight in kg. This may be checked at any time by the police at a weighbridge. Since 1st January 1997, all unbraked trailer plates must show the year of manufacture

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