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Tohatsu 50 4 blade prop...

Ive been looking at some 4 blade propellers to put on my thundercat for better running in the surf & the rough stuff. Ive been looking at a 4 blade S/S Solas one.
11-1/2 x 14 RH Solas Rubex Stainless Propellers | Model # 9333-115-14

Im just not sure about pitch? Theres either 13 or 14 pitch.

I have run a 3 blade S/S prop that came with the boat but not a clue what pitch it is

Would the 14pitch be the best option or would it be too slow with the 4th blade or would trying to find a bigger pitch be better? i dont know about these things!!


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Engine: Tohatsu 5/18/30 HP
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Which Tohatsu 50 is it ? M-50, MW-50, Everun 50 MX-50, MW-X50, or TLDI MD-50 ? This is not a wild guess, full wot on flat no wind waters with a tach and check max rpm achieved, then reduce pitch to increase rpm if needed, increase pitch to decrease rpm. Each engine has it's own min, max wot parameters.

4 blades are good to power heavy noats or boats which drags too much like pontoon type, don't know if good for thundercats, surely a knowledgeable samaritan will chime in...

Happy Boating
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