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Today's dodgy bodge.

This should probably include a "don't try this at home statement" and will, I am sure, attract a volley of H & S concerns, but in the absence of, or prospect of obtaining, a flywheel holder used a method that allowed me to get to the 116 lb.ft required. It says 'dodgy' and 'bodge' in the title so you have been warned...

I tightened a ratchet strap around the flywheel teeth with the free end at a tangent to the edge of the flywheel and secured to an 'immovable' object (a cast-iron down-pipe). The strap didn't slip, come off the the teeth or start to tear. (I did have to chock the trailer wheels though )


"Can ye model it? For if ye can, ye understand it, and if ye canna, ye dinna!" - Lord kelvin
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Fair play to ye. As me dear old dad used to say "any idiot can do it with the right tools"
Rule#2: Never argue with an idiot. He'll drag you down to his level & then beat you with experience.
Rule#3: Tha' can't educate pork.
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dont know what youre worried about, it did the job didnt it, and the strap saved you from tearing your hands apart trying to hold it some other way. id say well done for using your head and throwing the instruction book away!
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injenuity is the key to boating as when it all goes pete tong you only have what is to hand on a boat its saved a bad trip a few times [mainly on other peoples boats]
good alternative use
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It's only a dodgy bodge if it's dangerous and/or unlikely to work. Since it did work, it's "clever" and a "great use of resources". Hindsight is everything on a public forum.

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