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Country: UK - England
Town: Midlands
Make: Nautique
Length: 6m +
Engine: PCM 5.7l
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Personaly i dont think reliability is an issue with the new outboards but id still go for a diesel.

In an 8m rib i think a big Yanmar would be much better suited. That or twin mercruisers.

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Country: UK - England
Town: Great Harwood, Lancs
Boat name: Tigger II
Make: Bombardier Aerodeck
Length: 3m +
Engine: Tohatsu 25HP
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Hi Michaels

I have the Ribcraft 7.8 with Yanmar 240HP/Bravo 3 drive.

Love the boat to bits, have done quite a few a hours now and have great confidence in the Ribcraft. Am often out in rough conditions (much the the displeasure of other people joining me), see the more I go out the more I decide the RIB has much more left whne the going get rough.

For me it was between Humber & Ribcraft but Ribcraft won as Humber kept pushing the 120Hp 1.7L engine in a 7M, which i belived was under powered.
I also belive the quality was better on the Ribcraft from the boats we saw at Ribex, but that could have just been rushing the show boats to get to the show ( Note Humber, these show boats is what people are going to judge you on)

With the 240HP I get about 36Kts with 4 people.
I mainly run at about 3000RPM, which is delivering about 170HP at the prop and gives about 25-28 Kts
As far a torque goes the Yanmar 4LHAM-STZP gives about 625 Nm at 2600RPM.
Personaly I think Yanmars take some beating.
Fuel is about 0.8 to 1.0 L/NM
As far as build quality, well not found anything wrong yet, built like a tank, but this does have a weight issue. Ribcrfat have now addressed this with their 7.5 which I belive is much lighter.

If I have to pick again it would a Ribcraft, good boats, good service only slight issue it delivery as they are often over booked.

Pity your a long way away, you would ahve been welcome to have a run in mine, as I am sure may people would do, to see what suits you.

Regards Gary

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Country: Finland
Town: Tampere
Make: Atlantic 21, Avon SR4.0
Length: 6,9 m
Engine: Mercury F60 EFI x2
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I agree that Revenger is more a pleasureboat than workhorse. Ordering a Revenger with 1500 g/m3 Hypalon and couple extra features like heavy duty fendering & seating might still make their boat suitable to you. Revenger website is awful by the way...

I told you wrong information in my previous mail, it was Yanmar 230 hp engine that I test drove but it was installed to MerCruiser sterndrive. Nice combination anyway.

Your friend with outboards is pretty unlucky. My friend has driven 6-cylinder big Yamahas for over 1300 hours completely without problems in his big RIBs during last two summer. I have still heard, that large Hondas are unreliable, so there may be variations in reliability. Twin Yamahas, say 2x150 hp HPDI, would be my suggestion to your use if we speak about OBs. Here in Finland the state allow tax-free use of gasoline for commercial boats, so pricing of diesel doesn't play a role when choosing engines. But if you can find a diesel suitable for your boat, just go for it, at least there's nothing worng with them except price and weight.

In case you are looking serious workboat RIB, Boomeranger Boats (from Finland :-))might be one possible builder. They are 100% commercial builders and the price of the basic boat without extra features might not cost huge sum of money. At least they have 7.4 metre hull delivered widely with different kind of propulsions including OBs and diesels.
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Country: UK - Scotland
Town: Isle of Skye
Boat name: Seafari - VHF CH 71
Make: Humbers+Catamaran
Length: 6m +
Engine: Volvo/Iveco/Suzuki
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Inboard Size

i have a 7m humber, which to be honest, i was pushed to go for the Mercruiser, although it was a waste of time, because i had already decided on the volvo, so have a 170 HP KAD 32 fitted, not by Humber, by the dealer, that i chose, and it was, in my mind the better choice -- more hassle, but better.............

The new generation of volvo's are looking goood, but are by no means tested in the real world, so do not know, better because of maintainence, and only one drive belt etc etc.

On the whole the 7m is the best fun boat, and will happily get going, easily., with 12 on board.
The Mercruiser, would struggle, and am glad i did not buy.

The volvo has proved faultless with now 1000 hours on, and would in my mind get an 8m going, but would 'feel' underpowered, but would prob do the job.
If i had to choose again - right now, i would look at the VW diesels, and wait 6 months to see what the new volvos D3's etc were behaving like.


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