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Zodiac Futura Mark III - Will this satisfy my needs?

Hi guys

Very keen on one of these:

Zodiac Futura Mark Iii Aluminium for Sale. Family Boats in Australia - Yacht & Boat

There's one for sale about half a day's drive from me 2nd hand at a good price with a 50hp Honda 4 stroke. Before I drive all that way can anyone answer my questions please?

My needs:
    • Bit of fishing
    • Cruising
    • Water skiing (including slalom)
    • Something I can take camping i.e. light weight and can beach launch with my 4WD.
    • Crossing the bay to nearby islands.
      Comfortable ride
      Can't be more than 5.8m in length when on trailer (small garage)

I've done a fair bit of reading on the model. People say great for skiing, I have my doubts however if a 50hp could pull a male slalom skier out...?

Secondly, when crossing the bay to nearby islands, the chop can get above one metre. Obviously need to pick your days - but if you caught in such conditions what would this boat be like?

Thanks guys.
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We had a Zodiac Mk2s with a 50hp 2 stroke Yamaha for years and it was happy (in calm conditions) for water skiing (15 stone skiers) and travelling around inshore waters.

When waves got above the 2-3ft level we had to reduce speed or live with slamming - it was not a soft landing in bigger waves that you get with the rigid hull of a RIB.

If you want something which will be more comfortable to travel in bigger waves then I would consider a RIB instead - especially if you are going to keep it on a trailer.
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As one who went from a RIB to a SIB then you have to accept that a SIB is really a very fair weather 'flat' sea boat - 1m chop is not something you will want to be out in in a relatively flat bottom inflatable and if you are it will be at displacement speeds. A mono skiier will pull it about a fair bit too as again unlike a deep v RIB they don't grip the water well, a 2 stoke would probably be better for power to weight ratio and pick up - deep water starts may still be a bit of an effort. Maybe a SR4 with 50hp 2 stroke would be a more usable boat.
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it all depends on what sort of skiing you mean, as the boat is light and not that powerful a competent mono skier will be able to affect the boats direction with a hard cut.
That being said, if your not slalom skiing between gates it will be fine.

I've skied off similar (18st),l and yes been pulled out on a mono. However, if i lean back angle the ski wrong way, even a 200hp can be made to struggle.

As to driving in chop, 99% of the time the human body is the weak link in the chain and the boat will cope better with the bouncing than the passengers will.
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