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what air pressure for tubes?

Can anyone advise what air pressure hypalon tubes should be inflated to? I have to admit that since buying the rib a year ago, I've never checked my tubes, they always seem fairly taught and don't leak. But I wondered today how I'd reinflate them if & when necessary - foot pump, garage pump, what pressure, what type of adapter etc...

Any suggestions please? thanks in advance

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If its otherwise not in your manual the typical number is about 3psi. Which doesn't sound like much but is quite firm to the touch...

Most foot pumps <barely> get to this value. You need a gauge to know for sure. If they are properly inflated in the water they are often overpressure on the trailer in the sun.

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My tubes (Polaris Inflatables, Canada), are spec'd to 2.5 psi. Some are as high as 3.5. If you post a bit more info (like make and model) someone will likely be able to tell you definitively what the manufacturer recommends.

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