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Sorry to hijack this thread, but Chris.........

< It's on topic now, because I moved it! John Kennett>

Off topic I know, but Chris, Oh inflatable tube guru, what can I use to clean "old" glue off my tubes? A couple of the handles/lifelines on my tubes are starting to pull off so we need to restick 'em. I'm guessing the best thing to do is to remove them completely, clean off the old glue and restick with Bostik 2402? Any tips?

Cheers, Alan

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If the glue has turned brown (which has been caused by a few hours of exposure to bright sunshine) it is somewhat difficult to remove. The best way to remove is to damp the glue with Bostik M501 thinners.Then use a piece of crepe (or may be its crape) that is used in the shoe making trade. This will eventually remove the glue, but it takes a lot of elbow grease!!
As for re-fixing lifting patches or handles, it is best to remove the handle completely, and then re-buff both surfaces using 60 grit sandpaper. All the old glue should be removed and both surfaces roughed up to give good adhesion.Wipe noth surfaces with thinners, apply one coat of adhesive, let it dry and apply another coat of adhesive. Place handle in position and roll with a seam roller(as used by decorators)applying lots of pressure. Clean excess glue off around edges before taking boat out in sun.
Hope that these tips help.
Chris Hornidge
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