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Transporting Petrol and the Law

During one of my recent trips to Indespension they gave me a copy of there new trailer manual (a bribe to keep me happy) and this is what they and the law has to say about carrying petrol.

"We discourage the carriage of petrol and recommend that boats are fueled at their destination. For leisure purposes we are advised by the Fire Service that the "Petroleum Spirit Carriage by Road Act 1957" requires that a vehicle or combination carries no more than 32 galons of petrol in addition to the towing vehicle's fuel tank. The fuel must be in securely closed metal containers with no more that 10 gallons carried in each. Plastic containers are limited to two gallons each and a maximum of two containers in any vehicles or combination".

So thats not a problem then, all our marvellous UK marina's have excellent cheap petrol for sale just waiting at our points of departure so we dont have to use petrol stations miles from launch sites. I wish.

Anyway the manual is 2 and full of really good information on trailers. It is strongly recommended for all of us mortals who can't afford 2k for a south coast marina berth. Available from an Indespension Dealer near you.

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We wish that South Coast marina's where only 2K!! That is like asking for cheap petrol.

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Fair Deal on Petrol Prices

On a similar note..... On my table at the BIBOA AGM the other week, the subject of petrol prices came up. There seemed to be some suggestion, that in theory at any rate, duty on the fuel purchased could be re-claimed from the Government if it could be proved that the petrol was not used in a road vehicle. Whilst at first this seems like wishful thinking, I believe the duty IS intended for road vehicles so there does seem some logic in thinking we should be able to re-claim it. 'Red' diesel, why not 'virtual red' petrol? Does anyone know if this is actually fact or fantasy?
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Wishful thinking I'm sure!

You can claim back the tax on petrol (as Toby Budd mentions here), but only if the boat is being used commercially.

There may be some "creative chartering" to be done, but I'd guess that Customs & Excise are quite rigorous about preventing people making dodgy claims!

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