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Make: Osprey Vipermax
Length: 5m +
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Originally Posted by 9D280 View Post
Here we go again. I really can't be bothered typing it all out again for the 850th time, so do a search for "twins" and my ID. To narrow the results down a bit also add any one or all of "cubed" "squared" and "drag"

There are a lot of very sweeping statements on this subject. Bottom line is you need to do a bit of research. There's a roughly 50/50 split on which is "best" when it comes to performance & economy. at the middle & lower end of the HP scale. Most (all?) outboards you'll get on the budget you are talking about will run without the aid of a battery, so the whole "twin absolutely everything" is a bit of an exaggeration. Weight wise, remeber you'll have 20 odd KG of extra deadweight in the aux. Would absolutely agree with twin fuel tanks tho'. (even if it's just main / backup but you'd need that for a single engine anyway in that scenario!)

My personal thoughts - at those sort of distances I'd rather have an "aux" that could keep me on the plane.....
I would agree to a point however at the budget stated and bearing in mind the advice re a 6-6.5 meter rib I believe that you would get a better boat for the money if you went down the single route..

If I had the budget of course I would not argue with your logic.
Chris Stevens

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Gentlemen - following a rocky start, I think I have the majority of the information that I now need, following your responses, and having a bit of a poke around some old posts.

Thank you for all advice.
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Country: UK - Scotland
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Length: 5m +
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Originally Posted by Chris View Post
If I had the budget of course I would not argue with your logic.


Another option might be to see if there's any Ribnet cruises happening near you. A wee ask round the bods on the day and you can test a few setups for real to see what works best for you.

This forum definetly proves the "one man's meat is the next man's poison" theory!
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