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Ok maybe i should have quoted full rule 23! but since i thought the boat under 12 m...this does not count!

Rule 23 -power driven Vessels Under way

(a) A power driven vessel under way shall exhibit:
(i) a masthead light forward;
(ii) a second masthead light abaft of and higher than the forward one;
except that a vessel of less than 50 meters in length shall not be obliged to exhibit such a light but may do so;
(iii) sidelights: and
(iv) a stern light.

(b) An air-cushion vessel when operating in non-displacement mode shall, in addition to the lights prescribed in paragraph (a) of this Rule, exhibit an all-round flashing yellow light.
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Originally Posted by Polwart View Post
Don't see where is says that in 23a.

In fact you could even read 23a(i) and (iii) to mean that the sidelights could be behind the masthead light.

Certainly 23c(i), which Scott has quoted above, says "in lieu of" which to my mind means if you are applying 23c(i) ignore 23a. Otherwise the the all round white should be forward - not on the a frame at all....
No you are right, its not required to be abaft the sidelights. I got my (forward and aft) masthead lights mixed up.

Still can't have a tricolored light for a power vessel though.
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