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leaking tube

I have a chamber in my 6.5m RIB that keeps leaking, despite testing cannot find a hole in the tube. Always deflates when students sits on the tube and on a hot day re-inflates. I guess this is the valve being over-sensitive to pressure. Is there any easy test and do I have to cut the tube up in order to replace the valve.

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what make of rib is it ,does it have p/r valves .have you covered it completely with soapy water to test for leaks inclding the valves.the leak may be under the rubbing strake and not easy to see .

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Leaking Sponson in Rib

After weeks of searching for a leak in one of my sponsons and already replacing the air valve I am stumped at where the leak could be coming from....a suggestion was made to me that might help...pour some coloured talcum powder into the tube (sponson) then inflate fully and wait, over time a tell tale coloured stain shud hopefully appear....tapping the sponson lightly with something like a baseball bat for example may help.
I will be trying it this weekend but might be something for you to try.
Nothing to loose.
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