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Country: UK - Wales
Town: costa del pontypool
Boat name: ole sharky
Make: sr4 now very fast
Length: 4m +
Engine: johnson 60 vro
Join Date: Jan 2006
Posts: 66
last attempts before strip down

just sprayed almost a can of wurth rost off in piston ports will leave soak a few days also just orderd can of powertune and will do the same of course i will get all rost off out first then i will do the same with the powertune then if still the same i will take it for a spin (kill or cure time then) hand hard down back and fore the shore line about 50-60ft out safeist place i think so if the worst happens not to far out to be washed in to shore any other ideas welcome!?

zip a de do da zipa de day orrr no its been another sh*t day
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Country: UK - Scotland
Make: HumberOceanOffshore
Length: 8m +
Engine: Volvo KAD300/DPX
Join Date: Oct 2002
Posts: 5,391
Like we said before. Drive it softly, give it time and see how it is.
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Old 03 March 2006, 16:23   #3
Country: UK - England
Town: Southampton
Boat name: SMH Rib / War Shot
Make: Ribtec / Scorpion
Length: 4m +
Engine: 100hp Yam/150hp opt
Join Date: Sep 2003
Posts: 1,969
I'm with JW.

Launch the boat, put it alongside a pontoon, securely tie it up and run it up gently at first. You can then slowly build the engine speed and see if the engine is happy.

You probably won't want to use full throttle with the boat alongside but will be able to load up the engine and make it work without the risk of having to row home.

This will put more load on the engine than running free so will be a good test.

If all goes well you can then take a trip further out.

No prizes for blowing it up and having to be "assisted" / "rescued"
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