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Keeping a RIB afloat

I have two questions.

Firstly and reccomendations for anti-foul?

Secondly a couple of people have told me about sponson covers that can stay on the boat permanently to protect from UV, anyone know where I can get them from or who makes them, also need a console cover made, any reccomendations agin?

Thanks in advance

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There's been quite a lot of discussion on the pros and cons of Safeboatskin. Some swear by it, others are to be convinced. However, one benefit seems to be the minimal preparation (and hull wrecking) for regular antifoul.

Try doing a search on here for safeboatskin (all one word) and see for yourself!

Re tube covers, don't know. For console covers there are some people that advertise on I think some sailmakers will do that sort of thing as well. You might still be better off with an all-over cover although obviously it can be a real pain depending on your mooring circumstances.


PS Did one of your radio courses last year - Laura's lot.

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Doug if you are going to keep your boat in Shamrock it will need something as it gets prety funky in that part of the Itchen in the spring/summer, I'd be interested to know how well safe boat skin works as it seems to be easy to apply and has a few fans.

We presentlly use international 2 pack for the boats we do antifoul, but you really have got to get the keying right or use primer!

Phil Godwin was asking on this forum as to the effectivness of putting lard on the underside of tubes to stop the growth (made sense to me) you might want to contact him and find out if it worked.

If you need a cover made then one of the Barmaids in a pub near you is a seamstress for a sailmakers in Shamrock Quay. I havent heard of covers that stay on but I have heard of a UV protection cream for tubes. I used it and I think it makes the tubes go cloudy so It doesn't get my recomendation!

Fortunately dark blue toobs are one of the better colours for UV resistance
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Boat covers

Hi Doug,

There is a company that work's out of Southasea Marina who make custom fitted boat covers.

Have a chat with Ribald, he had one made up for his boat looks the dog's.

hope it helps.

Aging Youth
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Hi Doug, Try They made ours for the other RIB good value/service.
Thanks for the weekend we'll speak soon.

Best Regards

Brian & Ash
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We put one of the copperbot on last year and it is great, the only fouling was on the tubes where they touched and we were using this much loved by others product.
Only thing I will say is if you are leaving your outboard in the water beef up the anodes.
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Doug, might be worth a trip over to see Bembridge Outboards on the IOW. I thought there boat HD boat covers excellent and since they are quite baggy they should fit most shapes of ribs and console layouts.


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