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Originally Posted by SOLENTER View Post
some stupid woman
Is it really necessary to insult those who were just doing their job?

RIBex this year was defiantly a quiet one. Having been for the last 6 years or so, it has got significantly quieter over the last two. A sign of the times I guess. I think they knew it was going to be quieter than normal; a week before the show emails were sent around to schools in the Southampton area trying to promote the event to the kids!

Whilst I think Cowes is a very pleasant spot for the show, I think it could get a lot more interest from the public if it was on the mainland. Gunwharf would be ideal. That said it could be argued that having it in Cowes filters out a lot of people who aren’t genuinely interested in the products, meaning that you have a higher "quality" of visitor.

Finally, I think RIBex is totally the wrong place for the music show in the evening. For those who don't know, the guys behind RIBex also run a music magazine and event. I think the idea behind RIBfest was to try and blend the two very different formulas, not something that I think works at that time of year in that location. I felt very sorry for the performers on Saturday night when I visited performing in the cold to what can't have been more than 100 or so people, many of whom appeared to be exhibitors.

I do hope RIBex continues in future years, but I really do think they need to look at how they go about it to make it a success. If I was in charge I’d be looking at changing the venue and scrapping the music bit.
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The comment was not intended to insult any one in particular
rather the act which i found offensive
A better choice of words on my part maybe
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Is putting a wrist band on someone after they have paid entry into an event stupid or abnormal? In my experience, when paying to go into a show, club, gig or event it is normal to either have a wrist band or be stamped with a print.

That stupid woman you refer to is my mother, therefore you wording does take offense.
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