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Is it possible to scrub tubes too hard?


I use Rib Shop cleaner on my 5.3m Bombard. I have been advised to use a green scourer to clean.

However, when I spray the cleaner it instantly reacts with something on the tubes and turns bright orange. Is this normal?

I then have to scrub quite hard to get this off- is this going to damage the tubes if I have to scrub this hard regularly? (They are 2004 pvc tubes)

Many thanks

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PVC tends to go orange colour and sticky if left out in the sun
I would go easy on them, end of the day you are removing a small layer every time you scrub!!
Got any photos?

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When I had my old PVC tubes on the ribeye, I used Traffic film remover watered down in a spray bottle. At the time I though it was a miracle cleaner but have now changed my opinion of it.

It made everything it touched brittle and rough. The pvc seat upholstery all fell apart and seemed to deteriorate from then on, the top layer/colour disintegrated. The tubes just seemed to get worse, loosing all suppleness and made it difficult to stick patches/repairs. I know this doesn't answer your question about ribshop cleaner, but just go easy on the chemicals.

I have found this to be useful, Autoglym Bumper and Trim Gel 325ml from Halfords. Which is probably the same as above!
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I would talk to ribshop and get their opinion first
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