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Craftinsure or GJW??

Ive been with Craftinsure for the last three years and never had to claim.Ive used them cos they cover mainland Europe which was cover I needed at the time. I don't want to shop around loads but has anyone any thoughts or experiences re GJW. I suppose my main concern is theft..either from the boat yard or from a harbour wall..thoughts as ever are much appreciated..Nik

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Craft insure still get my vote from my experience and other I know
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Some years ago. I bought a twin diesel engined cabin cruiser. My first boat of my own. I insured it through GJW . On my trip home (insurance cover now 2 days old ) going along the River Trent There was an almighty bang. the whole vessel shaking and terrific noise coming from below. I immediatley cut both engines and noise stopped. I will cut the story short and say that after having the vessel brought back to Newark marina it was discovered that I was the third person that day that had a similar experience. Seemed the local lads liked to steal cars and then dump them in the river. On this occasion it was a nice expensive Mercedes. The point is I called GJW, was on the phone for maybe 20 minutes giving details and was told everything was OK and they would cover the marina fees while i got estimates and submiited them. All done without fuss and boat was repaired and I collected it three weeks later . the bill coming to over £2K
All paid with no further questions. Great service. I kept that boat for 8 years and insured subsequent RIBs and current SIB with them. One other smallish claim. Never any hassle. They would get my vote.
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Craft insure for me. All done through the website in a few minutes. Canít be doing with phoning up for prices.
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GJW are the best if something does go wrong. zero hassle and act as you would hope any insurer would
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What would appear the difference to me and i insure both boats with GJW ,is gjw claim fixed value insurance ,ie if you insure a boat for say 20 k ,then break down to hull 7k trailer 3k and engine 10k ,then thats what you get ,sort of seems to get you new for old in a way ,especially as on renewal they dont revalue /devalue your rig ,it seems to be that you state what its worth and providing your prepared to pay for the value you want ,then thats acceptable to them ............i dont really understand this approach but do it as there is nothing worse than having the insurance company telling you your pride and joy is half the value you insured for !........maybe someone will enlighten me !
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Craftinsure for us I've made 2 fairly large claims for 2 different boats & my daughter claimed for damage to her boat, all 3 claims paid fairly & without fuss

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