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Country: UK - England
Length: 3m +
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OK there are people on here who wouldn't go out in less than a F3 coz its not exciting enough! I think most people on here would say its only rough in F5-6

F3 - you aren't looking at suspension seating.

A deeper V cuts through the rough better.

You'd struggle with proper seat for 5 in a SR4, The original porn star config had seat for 4 though...
would think you could get 2 x 3 seats in a 5.4 But may be cosy.

There is the back seat bench option - which is less comfortable but if you are needing seat pods with kids you maybe shouldn't be out...

The 4.2m X-pro has a double jockey (like a pillion motorbike rather than 2 pods) plus 2 man bench. Think you could get a 3 man rear in a wider boat like 5m - 5.4m.

4m vs 5.5m will be noticably different in the "chop"

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Country: UK - Scotland
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we've seen some really lumpy stuff on loch lomond over the years, remember sitting with Jeff Hutcheon watching our 16ft boat disappearing in the troughs on the way back from the pub, it was on a visitors mooring at Milarrochy Bay camp site, glad we weren't sleeping on it that night 

Yes it can get abit choppy at loch lomond and milarrochy bay is where we go and have seen a couple of boat fill with water due to the waves it was hard going pulling them out of the water.
Shinyshoes i would go out rougher water not sure if my 5 year old would just starting to get him into the boating life and get him use to it
Cheers kevin

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