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An Idea ?


Just wanted to see what anyone else thought of the following idea.

There have been a number of forum threads where members have mentioned details of trips, be it one day or longer, that they have taken.

What does anyone think of a new forum where members could place details of where they’ve been along with navigation information, marina info, and places to eat or even avoid?

I guess that nav info would have a disclaimer in case someone mis-tpyed the coordinates but this should be reasonably obvious.

If someone was interested then they could take the information or contact the author for more info.



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Good idea Mark. Motor Boat Monthly and Motor Boat and Yachting have these sorts of articles which I always find highly informative. In fact, on the last cruise to St.Malo this was one of the things I discussed with Hugo (Rib International) He was keen on the idea to have a regular column along these lines. It does take a bit of work, and I would suggest, in the first instance to have a format/template laid out. Maybe this is something you can start and we can contribute to what we want to see. The final product should be simple and straight-forward, just the way I like it!

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I think thats a good idea. A seporate place with lots of information. That will help others plan their own cruises through the year. How do we go about this then. Need our own library area.

Julian Lyas
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Great Idea Mark. When do we start!!!

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The YBW (Motorboat and Yottin, Yottin World, etc etc) forums have a Bar and Restuarant recommedation forum perhaps JK could create the same here.?
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I'll add it to the things to do list!

It needs to be a bit more structured than a forum, but I will (one day) end up with the whole site database driver, and a "places to go" section would be perfectly feasible.

In the meantime, I have added a new forum for planning and discussing any forthcoming cruises.


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