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Country: USA
Town: Barkhamsted
Make: Honwave
Length: 3m +
Engine: 6 hp
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Greetings, some questions.

I've just bought a used 2005 Honwave T32 with air floor. As you may know, Honwave is rarely seen in U.S. I live in New England and sail a small Ericson sloop out of New Bedford. I got the inflatable primarily to be able to transport more people and gear to and from the sailboat. I have a few questions:
1. I assume it is PVC material. Is that right?
2. Prior owner pointed out that he thought boat had been painted and that it was peeling a little. I don't think it was painted. Instead, whatever the outer coating is on these things is, it is chipping off in one or two areas exposing a rougher surface of the tube below. The boat holds air. These areas do not leak, but should I attempt to re-coat them somehow?
3. I paid 300 dollars for the boat. It appears to be a good deal. A couple spots, there is some separation at rub strip. Is there a seal under there or can I ignore it.
Any thoughts, I'd appreciate. As I say, I'll be using it mostly as a beast of burden and not for show or performance.

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Country: USA
Town: Oakland CA
Length: 3m +
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1) More than likely.

2) Tube material is generally an outer, weather proof layer, a fabric reinforcement, and an inner layer. With PVC, the outer and inner layers are the same (PVC.) With hypalon, the outer layer is hypalon, and the inner layer is neoprene.

3) $300 sounds like a steal. As for the separation, spray a little soapy water on the areas that concern you. No bubbles = don't worry too much about it.

Luck, and welcome;


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Country: UK - England
Town: Bristol
Boat name: Salty Cheeks
Make: Honwave
Length: 3m +
Engine: 20hp 2stroke Mariner
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Hi and welcome.

Pretty sure you have a PVC SIB,no hypolon on a HONWAVE, the strake on the sides may be re glued.Soapy water will tell you if your loosing any air though.
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