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Does your insurance ask for pics evertime or is that just a precaution? Not a bad one I would suggest if you can remember to do it.

All mine wanted was pictures of the hitch lock and wheel clamp on and info on what they were to ensure they were of good enough quality.

Speaking of which, just got the bill in for the insurance....bummer.
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Not asked for just something I do I take lots of pics and often come in handy every few months delete the old ones... Reminds me to take some more when I get home and register clamp for 5yr warranty
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Hi all, quick note of thanks to everyone for your input and advice on this topic. Just back from extended trip to Ireland. Boat went brilliantly. Trailer towed really well so very happy. I found a hitchlock that fits when the boat is being towed from Bulldog and also a Bulldog clamp, I also bought some wet sacks and put sleeping bags etc inside them and then into the hold of the boat so meant I could trailer will most stuff inside. Also bought some extender mirrors which really helped when overtaking on the A55 and M6. Thanks to all - JT
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My solution was to buy a "project" boat.

If it ever got nicked the report in the local paper would say "police are looking for a dismayed short sighted man..."

Joking aside one security measure I use is to park it beside something shinier (not difficult! ) and less well locked.

As Xk59D says if they really want it they'll have it. I just try to make mine less appealing and more awkward to move to the opportunist.

Glad you had a good trip.
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