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Word of advice - check yer bolts

Finally got to the route cause of my engine problems, knackered starter motor and stuck butterfly valves due to salt water getting into the outboard engine housing......caused by one of the housing/covers for a water thermostate being loose, the coolant salt water was getting out between the gasket and spraying the engine inside the housing with salt water. Very expensive fix and im still trying to clear all the salt build up in various nooks and cranies. The cover of the thermostate was loose due to the two top bolts out of the 4, 1 was found lying in bottom of engine housing and another was sticking out about 7 mil completely loose. I have no idea how this happened especially as it was serviced very recently.

So my advice would be to periodicaly check everything is done up nice and tight.

All sorted now allthough ive ordered a couple of new gaskets to be on the safe side. And while painful on my pocket ive learnt a good deal about my engine in the process.
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