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Quicksilver Power Tune and better performance

So what does everyone think about power tune? I am trying to get a bit better performance from my 1995 90 hp Mercury 2 stroke new to me have changed the leg oil plugs but don't think I am getting the best from the engine yet ?

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Seafoam spray v. BRP engine tune v. Quiksilver power tune? - iboats Boating Forums

Not sure I want to get involved.


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It helps especualy with an older OBM p/h, I used to use it a lot when out on site to clean carbs that had a blocked jet, clean my spanners , my w/shop bench,spray in down the inlet of the cab/s when running, if you are on muffs at tickover speed only, and only little sqirts at a time, but be warned your OBM will smoke a lot, When you see war films with a smoke bomb let of that is the dencity of the smoke, and I dont know what it does to your health to breath it in.Rub it on carbon on top of the piston and ring grooves,brilliant for cleaning
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Yeap it's good stuff! Don't get it on your hands for long though!!!
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