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Country: Canada
Town: Cobden
Make: Zodiac
Length: 4m +
Engine: 50 hp Merc
Join Date: Nov 2014
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Need help with purchase of new outboard

Hey everyone,

So here is the deal, I run a 13 1/2 foot Zodiac Futura that can take a 50 hp motor. I do whitewater zodiac and fishing tours with it. I am looking a getting a new 50 hp outboard. I should have between 1000 to 1500 lbs total gear, motor, and passenger weight. I also run with a custom steel cage around my prop which adds a bit of drag. Top speed does not matter to much as long as I can hit around 25 mph. Operation in the rapids tho is what I am most concerned about and this is usually low to mid range, and I need maximum response.
Now in 6 years of running these boats I have never flipped in the rapids, but on the river I live by the saying "its not if it happens it is when it happens" and when has been coming for me for a long time. So there is a chance, a small one that I could flip a boat.

so the question is, whats the best 50 hp motor to get.

I like the look of the Yamaha 4 stroke high thrusts but have no experiance with them.

but a bit concerned about the motor if I flip. I am really just looking for thoughts and opinions on the best outboard for the job.


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Country: UK - Scotland
Boat name: Wildheart
Make: Humber/Delta Seasafe
Length: 5m +
Engine: Merc 60 Clamshell
MMSI: 235068449
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Hi. Am on my phone and a bit Laphroaig-ed so bear with me.

Your use is out my normal working scenario but if I'm reading your post right you want a super light engine with a flat torque curve?

For Light I'd say Merc clamshell at 83 kg for 50 or. 60 gee gees- fraid brain has bee toasted tonight wrt torque curves.

I should probably add a whisky based disclaimer here but let's just say best to check my ramblings tomorrow. ....
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