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High Performance or Premium gear oil?

I have plucked up the courage to try and change the gear oil in my old Mariner 40 but I cannot work out with is the correct gear oil to buy.

I have been searching old threads and the internet in general but now have got stumped!!

From what I think I have learnt the high performance one is synthetic and the other not so the two cannot be mixed, but I plan on draining the old stuff out so would this matter?

The serial no of the old beast is "6E9 L 407462" if that helps anyone and i think it is a early 90's model.

I have been checking out previous threads and absorbing all the good advice and its sounds simple enough (famous last words), i plan on getting a pump, heating the oil in some hot water and just pumping it in until it comes out the top...

I have seen this on ebay and it seems like good value?

Quicksilver High Performance Gear Lube and Pump - lower gear casing oil | eBay

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Personally I would buy the cheaper of the two and replace it every season, for what it cost and the time it takes to do with the right gear its a no brainer.

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I'm with Alan, the cheaper of the two should be fine, its a doddle to do as well!
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I just use the Quicksilver oil with the pump (possible but hard work to do without the pump) but as the previous posters have said - whatever you do, change the oil regularly !
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