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CDI unit problems please help

i all.

i have been have problems with my Yamaha 2001 50hp only firing on two cylinders. i have taken it to the outboard place and they have diagnosed it as a faulty CDI unit and will cost £850 to replace.

can anyone help with a most cost affective solution. can i get the faulty CDI unit repaired or is there none Yamaha CDI unit cheaper?????.

the part number for the CDI unit is 63D85540-02

many thanks


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Are they 100% it's the cdi? The states is usually a good source of second hand parts. Can they source/borrow one to use to prove that's the fault?

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Thats daylight roberry, Yams are mega expensive to repair, have you checked that price with another yam dealer
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Posts: 6,653 (in the US) has them listed at $368.29 (assuming it's a 4-stroke, 2001.)

P/N is 64J-85540-00-00

Looks like you should shop around a bit.

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i had a yam 30 3 cylinder that kept firing on only 2 cylinders after a few trys at barnet marine they replaced the carb and that solved it, so before parting with that amount of cash make sure thats where the fault is
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I'm pretty sure the marine mechanic has succeeded in making the diagnose pretty accurate, since doing a spark test is peanuts, even without special equipment.

But even so; that still leaves both the CDI-unit as well as the stator suspect.
(the stator can have one or more defective coils, causing intermittent/ no spark on one or more cylinders)
Doing Peak Voltage tests on both parts can get you in the right direction, but even then, you can't be 100% sure.
This is assuming it's a 2 stroke, never worked on a fourstroke myself, so i'll leave that to the experts...

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