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Disastrous start with new boat, need some advice.

Hi guys.

A bit of advice needed. Been having a bit of a disaster.

I bought a brand new Seapro 430HD from Bill highman and a 30 HP Johnson 2 stroke as part of a package they recommended. Unfortunestly the boat finish was rather poor with bits not glued proper and coming loose etc and had to change it for another, same boat. The engine is a 2000 model and they said they will give it a full service, change seals and full re-spray.

Picked up the engine Friday for this weekend. However it soon became clear that not all was well. Turns out the engine is to short, the moment the you try to get on a plain the prop have no water, could only cruise 5mph.

A quick call to Bill Highman and they admited that the transom on my Seapro is much higher as it was designed for a long shaft outboard and not a short shaft. Well, that's just brilliant. Professional dealer ship putting a package together that won't work.

All they said was that I have to bring it back in and they will cut a chunk out of the transom and all will be good. Is that acceptable? Buying a brand new boat and now it needs major modification to work as intended to, apparently these boats were designed with a higher transom for the RNLI as they use long shaft OB's. I don't like spending a load of cash on something new and needs to get the saw treatment, should they fix or replace with the correct version will lower transom.

Also when I first talked to them and asked about the full alloy deck (most alloy floor sibs have a wood front section) They said they don't do that anymore as the alloy section in the bow causes damage to the tubes so they are all wood bow sections now. But both the sibs I got from them have alloy bow section. Is it right if they know of a defect like that to still sell it, knowing it will end up causing damage due to it not fit for purpose?

Also the a few questions on the outboard. They said as part of the deal it will have a full paint job. But the overall finish is very poor, this is a professional dealer not a guy down the road. I have limited experience so don't know what's considered normal so thought I'll add a few pictures of the paint job on the OB. Can you please tell me if it's acceptable finish from a dealer.

Also the prop have a little play in it, if you pull and push the prop it wil go in/out about 5mm, is that normal?

The full re-spray.

Is this normal to paint over the nuts and bolts and seal, the seal also seems very brittle?

That's just a few pics, can post more but struggle with connection at the moment.

Any advice on the above would be appreciated.


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To be honest if it was me they would be getting the whole package back Tuesday morning. That finish in my book is unacceptable, cutting the transom down is only called for because the OB is a short shaft which is just not acceptable and I am sure will affect the resale value. Maybe someone will be along with a little less of what must appear a bit of an extreme view from me but that cash you paid out takes some earning . Regards Jim

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Chuck it back at him. Putting a 14yo wrong OB on a new hull and calling it a 'package' is a joke for starters.
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Take it back, don't let them cut the transom, tell them the package was not fit for purpose and demand your money back.
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Take it all back mate and tell him were to shove it!! I almost bought an outboard from him a while back and after a bit of research about the company and a few phone calls to others in the trade I was advised not to use,,seems they were right,that paint job says it all,perhaps they have a 2 year old apprentice doing the paint jobs
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Take it back.
No way allow him to cut the transom.
As you rightly point out not the'man down the road'. Not good enough.
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Town: Manchester
Make: Bombard Aerotec 380
Length: 3m +
Engine: Yamaha 25hp 2 stroke
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Thanks for the replies so far guys. Pretty much confirms my views and gives me some back up. Really like the OB if it's done profetionally. Definatly don't want the transom cut, looks like it will be a while till I'll be afloat again...
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Bill higham aka bill highwayman send it back its a joke
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That's guy is a joke from what I have heard Click image for larger version

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Get your money back
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Get your money back DO NOT let them try & fob you off, the boat is not fit for purpose or of "merchantable quality" If you don't stick to your guns now, you will have a harder time later when the thing falls apart, which it will.

PS, next time ask BEFORE you part with your cash
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