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Originally Posted by stevedonna View Post
Going out for a quick pint dear go home two hours later

Atmosphere a bit choppy

Ask what's up and it gets a bit fresh
Spot on Steve!!
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Choppy for me!

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Originally Posted by The Gurnard View Post
one man’s chop... may be another man’s...
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Wavelength shorter than the hull and breaking at the top.
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How about saying its lumpy? That covers all sea/water states. Thats what the R.N.L.I. people used to tell me.
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"Chop" is when the wave height is less than the beam of the boat
"A bit fresh" is when the wave height is somewhere between the beam and the length
More than the length is "distinctly brisk"
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Chop = "short sharp waves" - May be smal lenough to straddle with enough speed, therefore not that uncomfortable, may also be big enough to make it a ***** of a run.

A bit fresh ? - a standard day on the Clyde! I would use that as another tounge in cheek way of saying it's a bit breezy....

"lumpy" - is what I would call that random stuff where wind vs 2 tidal flows meet. I normally see it off the bottom end of Bute at certain states of the tide Same effect at the MoK. I guess any location where 2 big tides meet on a windy day will do it,
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Swell is wave action induced by long term wind contact with the water. Generally has a fairly well defined pattern (though the organization may be screwed up by opposing swell patterns.)

Chop is wave action generated by short term wind contact; has very little organization (i.e. the "peaks" tend to come and go quickly with no defined "line"), and is generally a very short period (distance between peaks.)

Waves are when the swell (or chop I suppose) starts cresting.

As to what constitutes "choppy", I think the discussion is heading towards "what makes it too big to be comfortable", which is kind of subjective.

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THis may help straight fro Wiki,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
A swell, in the context of an ocean, sea or lake, is a series of mechanical waves that propagate along the interface between water and air and so they are often referred to as surface gravity waves. These series of surface gravity waves are not generated by the immediate local wind, instead by distant weather systems, where wind blows for a duration of time over a fetch of water. This is the primary definition of a swell as opposed to a locally generated wind wave, which is still under the influence of the mechanisms that created it e.g. Wind blowing over a puddle. More generally, a swell consists wind-generated waves that are not—or are hardly—affected by the local wind at that time. Swell waves often have a long wavelength but this varies due to the size, strength and duration of the weather system responsible for the swell and the size of the water body e.g. wavelengths are rarely more than 150 m in the Mediterranean. Swell wavelength, also, varies from event to event. Occasionally, swells which are longer than 700 m occur as a result of the most severe storms. Swells have a narrower range of frequencies and directions than locally generated wind waves, because swell waves have dispersed from their generation area, have disipated and therefore lost an amount of randomness, taking on a more defined shape and direction.
Funny enough they dont have a reference to chop!!
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While I think the physical measurements of chop will vary I think to most boaters it's a short period wave that makes a boat uncomfortable to in. The size and period which make it uncomfortable are going to vary by boat. For me I'm hoping that my big zodiac handles what was chop in my old boat without notice.

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