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Country: USA
Town: San Diego
Make: zodiac futura mk2
Length: 4m +
Engine: Nissan 40 plus
Join Date: Oct 2008
Posts: 269
I used to run with a basic padded boat seat. Then I found these suspension tractor seats on e-bay for $70 each (I think they go for more now). They are not rustproof. I replaced the fasteners with ss, the bronzed spring and shock have held up well, I wire brush the frame and repaint it each year and I rinse it with Salt Away when I get home. Four years plus so far. Something like 5 inches of travel. A little heavy out of the box, but I took the sliding base off and made some aluminum brackets to hold the seat in place. Very plush ride. Still sucks when we slam over other boats wakes at high speed. Not exactly a jockey seat set up, but it works for me.

My buddy got tired of the spray in his face and put on his diving mask... should have taken a picture!


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Country: UK - England
Boat name: Pisces
Make: Zodiac
Length: 4m +
Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 145
Hi Prairie

With all due respect, I think that you are comparing apples with oranges, here.

One boat is brand spanking new, new engine, new trailer, a very good reputation...turn the key and it's ready to go.

The other is a used boat, used engine, used trailer that someone has to spend many, many hours, and God knows how many miles, tracking down and picking up. And even then, unless Mr 97-tbird is handy with the Tig welder, or wishes to spend another small fortune, he has to get himself the console that he requested!

What's more likely, Mr tBird buys a brand new Futura and it tears into a hundred pieces of PVC incurring him the hassle of claiming on the warranty, or the used outboard of the 'unknown package' throws a wobbly and is rendered scrap without any such warranty to fall back on?

I could go on and on....but you pays your money and you takes your choice.

97t-bird, here's a short video of our Mk3 running through some choppy, and typically short, North Sea waters. Probably very difficult to assess purely from the vid, but much of it filmed where the waveheight comfortably exceeded 1ft.

We happily go well, well offshore in anything up to 0.8m of chop, checking the live buoy data / various weather forecasts before we depart.

PS. Best to wear your lifejackets (no matter how secure you feel), unlike the two pr1cks in the vid. ;-)

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Old 20 August 2010, 23:00   #23
Country: Canada
Town: GTA
Boat name: Zodiac
Make: Zodiac Futura MkIII
Length: 4m +
Engine: 50 HP ETec Tiller
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 201
Hi. I've been lurking here for years and this thread finally prompted me to join in the fun. Greetings from Canada. Hi Stoo.
I'm on my second SIB. First, my MK IIC served me well for about 10 years. Now I have a MK III Futura HD and I do love it. 97-Tbird, that sounds like a pretty fair deal and you like it and want it, so I'd say BUY IT!
Everything will be warrantied so you'll have no worries. That boat will take heavier seas and chop than your body will endure. On a recent Lake Huron adventure I had to slow down to 10 or 12 mph in 3-4 foot chop, for personal comfort. Lake seas are closer together and more confused than ocean. Mine's a 2001 model, rated for 60 hp and I've got 40 on it. I'd like to go to 60 and probably will someday, but $$$ is the limiting factor. I believe the HP rating was dropped to 50 max around 2002. Reason given by my dealer was the extra weight of the new 4 strokes. Is it back up to 60? They also brought in the stubby tube ends around that time, shortening the over all length a bit. Mine's 15' 5". I think mine was the last year for the black cones. They've also played around with the position of the speed tubes over the years. First they were right under the pontoons, then they moved them inboard about halfway, then out a bit, closer to the tubes. Where are they now?
Good luck!
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Country: USA
Town: Milford
Boat name: Red Storm
Make: Zodiac
Length: 4m +
Engine: Outboard, petrol, 50
Join Date: Sep 2010
Posts: 1
Newbie to the site chiming in...I have a 2005 Futura Mk III with a Yamaha 50hp 4 stroke. Bought it for general purposes and so the kids could drive a boat without collision worries. I trailered and towed it easily with a Toyota Tacoma 2 wheel drive, 4 cylinder pickup truck. The whole kit and kaboodle can't be more than 1,000 lbs; maybe less. Goes through narrow marsh channels like a charm; probably takes less than a foot of water before you have to raise the engine, get out and walk it (which I've done).

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