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Originally Posted by malthouse View Post
With practice (and fairly level ground) you can assemble these boats faster than some people can launch from a trailer.
But to be fair, you could probably build a house faster than some people can launch from a trailer!

I've yet to see a hassle-free flooring system - apart from an airdeck which has its own limitations. Having had a few inflatables over the years I would be reluctant to go back to a hard floor unless I had a trailer for it.


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I never really have any trouble with mine altho my sib is smaller then most others,,,,,,,,,,,it came with 3 slates that fit in the three slits ,,,,,,,,,,,,,but i just added more slates,,,,,,,,,,,bow peice which i have just renewed,,,,,,,,,,and folds in half with hinges length ways,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i slot the bow peice in, then the rest ,first inflating one side semi ,i have nothing to hold it all to gether just chuck me rubber anti slip mat over the lot, no prob

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Originally Posted by John Kennett View Post
But to be fair, you could probably build a house faster than some people can launch from a trailer!
I have been known to challenge RIB crews to a launching race when demonstrating SIBs as club safety boats, they get really quite flustered when me and my mate just saunter about unrolling things and admiring the view.

Mind you, the compressed air may be a bit of a cheat.

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oh the learning curve i went through!...I have an aluminum floor on my seabright 380 and learned the hard way how to put it together...especially in 37C heat!...well I am not sure about the quicksilver but... I make sure there is no air in the boat before i put the floor down...then spray the rubber hull down with water where the stringers slip fine and I can do it pretty quick now...trailering you only need to do it once!...
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380 Air Deck Floor

Originally Posted by keithb7 View Post
I own a Quicksilver 380 with a plywood floor.

My questions are: Is the newer inflatable floor a good alternative? I found a dealer willing to sell me just the "air deck" floor. Would save my back, and the frustration of trying to assemble the floor alone. The plywood floor is very stable, will I loose this stability with an inflatable floor? It would be nice to leave the boat assembled and inflated but that is not possible. Anyone have any comments about the air deck inflatable floor?

Kamloops, BC Canada
Hola Keith

Sorry to read about your general suffering when inflating your 380 sib, would be nice if you could try the inflatable floor being offered before buying it, if possible to go for a test run, inflate the air floor to it's max working pressure. Inflatable floors do rock a bit even correctly inflated compared to ply or aluminum floors. Would not recommend a 380 flat inflatable floor for sea use because of its lenght, will rock more unless it would be a pro inflatable floor, the ones found in costly zodiac brand like in the Classic model. They are more ridgid, better crafted with thicker fabric than low/cheapo standard inflatable Quicksilver floor including other brands too. Use on lakes, rivers would be ok.

I'm not stating that won't cruise properly, this is all about the ridgidity you'll expet to find/experience as compared to your normal ply/alu floor. Have in use a 320 sib with inflatable floor (flat/cheapo) although it's inflated to max 1.0 PSI, floor still rocks a bit when at full throttle, imagine a standard 380. With time will get used to. Won't sacrifice stability, will sacrifice a bit of floor ridgidity.

Been using for years a cheap third world roof transport method, it's applicable to most cars/vans roofs. If you have sufficient house space to keep your sib inflated leaned to it's side against a wall, this is for you. Just car top & drive to water. Will place the overall idea soon including refference pics to make your sibbing life a breeze.

Happy Sibbing
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Top Tip frpm Prairie Tuber

Originally Posted by prairie tuber View Post
Place your oars under the boat fabric (between the ground and the hull fabric) when installing the floorboards and stringers. It will provide a flat even surface for the floorboard and make slipping the stringers into place much easier.
Top tip this from PT. I'm a complete and total novice to SIB's and I have mine currently in my sitting room at home undergoing a leak test (it's a secondhand boat, but new to me.)

I just fitted my 4 piece ply floor for the first time and followed the instructions on the website boats to go but the thing that made it all a lot easier was the tip about putting the oars under the boat so it sits level, also, when you lean over from the outside, this has the effect of helping to ease the stringers into place.

I got my QS300 together in about 15 mins including fully inflated using a Bravo 12v air pump.

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