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Country: USA
Town: Manhattan
Boat name: 4m searider/5m MK IV
Make: Avon/Zodiac
Length: 5m +
Engine: Yamaha Enduro 40hp
Join Date: Mar 2012
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1976 Zodiac GR MK IV wood floor issues

So I'm having some floor issues with my old zodiac. Before I purchased it the previous owner had flipped it on a river in Alaska (He had equipment and a bull moose on board and I can't even imagine the conditions that it took to do so) and managed to lose the first floor section that butts up to the thrust board. He had someone make a new section with the false stringers. I'm not sure if it was a friend or a wood shop, but either way they did a more than fair job at replicating it especially on the wood stringers. The original boards are routed on the edges that connect to the opposing section, not quite tongue and groove, but close due to the added flat piece on the top side of each. However, the thrust board is simply squared off to the aft. the "replica" has two 1"x2"x4" pieces that were attached to the bottom as if to hold it from rising above the thrust board. I would think that this would be quite difficult to happen when properly inflated. However for it to fall below, especially if the keel was deflated such as when it's trailered, is quite possible. I came across a couple old pictures that had similar wood pieces, but they were on top, which would make more sense to me. So my questions about this particular section are, A: Is the edge of this section square cut to match the thrust board correctly and B: Do the small slats mount to the top of the section and C: Is there anything on the bottom of this section? Now to the bow section haha. The front of the thrust board has two grooves that correlate to two tongues on the bow section. However, where this sections butts to the permanent bow board there are no grooves or tongues in either. These pieces are original and without the keel inflated the bow section falls down and will easily slide under the bow board. The bow section has the standard boards mounted on the top like I've seen in other pictures and in some of those pictures I've seen this connection with a similar tongue and groove such as the connection it has with the thrust board. There is a hole all the way through both the section and the bow board. Both appear to be original due to the stain and poly coat on top being consistent to what you can see in the hole. At first I thought the one in the section was to retain the pole (which I don't have) that holds the bow cover up. While these holes don't line up perfectly as if to put a bolt through, they are perfectly inline with the keel which makes me wonder if there may have been a board that bolted on to the top to better secure it. Both holes are drilled out on the part facing the bottom with a forstner style bit (drills perfectly flat holes) as if to accept a bolt and washer and still be within the wood as to not compromise the inflatable keel. Any Ideas? Most people wouldn't care about these small things and would just "make it work". While I could easily do so and save myself the headache, I appreciate history too much and would like to maintain the integrity of the vessel. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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