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Would you?

I have been offered an engine (Honda 50, about 2003). This is exactly the engine I am looking for.


It has been under water. Salient facts are...

It wasn't running when dunked, it was on a boat that sunk at it's moorings

It was under water for only an hour (so I am told)

It was in salt water

The engine has been used for a few months since it's dunking

I am told the owner traded it in for a new one, don't know why.

Engine is very cheap, probably about a third of normal price

Now I know it's impossible to express a firm opinion. But would you walk away based on these "facts"?

Any further advice would be welcome, like what might need replacing?

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I'd be more likely to buy it immediately after it was dunked and before it was run so I could strip it down and make sure it's re-commissioned properly with proper regard to longevity.

If you can find out how it was looked after prior to it's dunking you might be onto a winner, or storing up trouble for next year as it corrodes inside.


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My two stroke johnsonrude got dunked and fresh water was squirted everywhere within the hour (just).a hose pipe was put straight into the cylinders..then WD40 filled the cylinders... an hour later it was running fine again, i did however change ALL the electrics from Coils to Junction boxes for resale as i knew that running this type of engine was not going to give me reliability that i needed.

As for a Honda. i honestly cannot answer. i've owned two now. a 90 and a 40 four stroke and they do sport a fair amount of corrosion after 6 years old i found.

I would need to know whether ALL the ign and electrical connectors where properly greased before the dunking and go from there.
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I have no mechanical skills so I wouldn't even consider an engine that had been dunked. The only possible attraction is price. So ask yourself, why are dunked engines cheap?
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You might be best to price up a new loom and leccy bits, then add that to the cost of the motor and see if it still makes sense ? If it were me, and I wanted offshore reliability, I'd change all of that, as all the electrics will be damp proof, but not dunk proof IMO
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Generally the cot of replacing the electrics on an engine of that size will write it off.
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Thanks for the info guys (and girls)..

Willk. I know your question is anecdotal but.... The reason a dunked engine may be cheap is not just due to the damage that dunking may (just may) have done. It is also due to the fact that many people (with good reason) do not want to buy such an engine. In the demand/supply ratio this tips things in the direction of supply and hence reduces price.

However I intend to do a complete strip down to check things out and repair/replace/overhaul where necessary. In addition I have the same engine to use as a template when sorting / rebuidling.

So my real concern is - how much may be knackered? If I have to replace all the electrics - I'm stuffed.

It all boils down to price .... as always!

Thanks again for the input

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If you intend to do a complete strip down / rebuild then really all that matters is the price. Price in a new loom and electrics and if its still affordable, buy it. If its been used since the dunking then the electrics do still work - can you get it running before buying it ?

What is the alternative ? An new one, or another second hand one which may have been neglected / dunked anyway.

Get it cheap, swop the electrics after a strip and rebuild and I would have thought you would be fine.
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Most electricals now a days can hold water well if the sea depth at which sunk was not that deep, if the engine starts and runs fine no problem, but will have my doubts about all internal rotating parts specially ball and needle bearings along crank pins in the short run, could collapse any time soon and engine will simply seize to a abrupt stop. If still wanting to buy it make seller a real hostile offer and see what happens...

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Engine is actually on eBay

Item number 111235798450

Price has gone too high for me so I won't be bidding.

Bear in mind price doesn't include any controls, they're offered at £220.

Based on what I've seen online I reckon I can get similar )complete) for about £1500 or so.

Thanks for the helpful comments and advice.

Still looking......

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