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2 Or 4 Stroke Verus Diesel

Hi Guys

Based on what I have read & the many differing/intersting views regarding the use of 2/4 stroke against the diesel. These are based on large 150Hp plus engines & Larger boats.

What about when comparing smaller engines ie sub 100Hp is there much difference in performance/fuel comsuption ect.

Also is there a minimum size of Rib to install a diesel in?


P.S. Happy Easter to all & Happy Playtimes now the holiday has begun

Aging Youth
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Um I am not so sure about the ficht having the best tec. It is different and has the potential to be good. But untill some of the engeines have lasted hevy use for atleast 3 years I would not buy one. The yam are nice as they take normal oil. Far better. I love the opti though. Ficht definatly the 3rd I would buy in the 200 + range

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I would agree with dgpw - being able to use standard 2 stroke oil will probably make a big difference to your running costs. The HPDI's have been around for a while now, and are well proven.

On my boat, I get about 1litre / mile - I dont know how much you would get with a similar 4 stroke, but the pickup and response from the HPDI is awesome.

If you're looking at a yam 225, check the engine weight and see if its any different from the 250. On the 2 stroke HPDI range, the 150 and 200 are the same size, and the 225 and 250 are the same. If you can get more power for the same weight it's probably worth paying that bit more, as long as your boat can take the engine.

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It seems that the main reason Ficht are coming down in the pecking order in outboard choice is because of lack of history (with bombardier that is). I am sure we are all familiar with the OMC history and Ficht, and when it comes to spending hard earned cash, people like to go with a safe option, thats Yamaha 2 or 4 stroke. Sometimes that logic is the way to go, but with recent developments in outboard technology, the safe option may not always be the best.

I really don't think that oil consumption really comes into the equation. HPDI, Opti, Ficht , you still have to buy oil, and when you are running big outboards ie 200hp plus if you are worried about the cost of oil (because consumption is so small with new tech) then you are in the wrong sport, sport.
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Tohatsu O/B

No mention of Tohatsu in this thread. I am looking at 120hp for my 5.4 Searider. Are Tohatsu any good or is it safer to stay with Yamaha, Mercury or Suzuki?
It is less weight than similar in the 120 range and I am informed by the 'salesman' that Tohatsu make Mercury engines who then add their own casing and brand colours. Is this the case?
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I thought Mercuries were made in Europe or is that for Mariners??
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Just out of interest, was the Wankel engine ever developed into a marine engine? I'd have thought that it's light weight, simplicity and ability to run whilst upside down (well it doesn't really have an upside down) would have made it an ideal candidate.

Keith (genuine question) Hart
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I think mazda did sort out the problems on the RX7 engine and its ment to be clever design, though people are scarred of it as no-one knows much about it. yes lighter ansd more effecient /powerful I remember

Norton also used on their bikes and did well racing, but dont know much about that either, just good TV.

On the flip side, would you want to be the first to buy this unknown technology if used on an outboard, big risk for the likes of yamaha to invest in when no one trust it at first.
Then again 4stroke broke through.

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the dealer giving me a quote for a 200 hpdi yam and a 200 optimax reckons they are about the same fuel consumption as the 200 yam 4 stroke about 60-70 litres an hour flat out...
I think the yam is nicer but costs 500 more...and the 4 stroke another 2500 more...
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I use my boat both with light load and heavy load, up to 12 divers. The 4 stroke yam. performs good in both conditions, moderate fuel consumption so far.

The boat, equipment and motor combination weights in at 1300 kg, with 200l petrol.max payload is 1500 kg.

Driving alone, it's reaching 50 knots, with max load 35 knots.

Didn't even look at an 2 stroke bcs I knew this boat would run with much load most of the time, so midrange performance where more important than maximum power at max rpm.

But this combination of boat and motor, are fun to run in storm condition.

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