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you have certainly given the POV from the business and i think it is clear from a few posts there is no legal requirement for the business to have theft insurance for customer property, staggers me TBH but thems the breaks.

be nice if the OP gets an update either way from his lawyer to claim his/her own insurance (assuming they had it ofcourse?)

it has certainly opened my eyes this thread, shall be making sure of a few things when i need to leave my boat anywhere.

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Engine & Steering Stolen!

I own and run a 1 man band body shop and don't have cover for customers vehicles whilst on the premises as I just cannot get cover as I don't have a linked to the local fire brigade fire alarm .I only turn over £40 - £50 k a year and the quote of £10k if I was covered by a linked system (with its associated costs ) was madness. my motor traders covers any vehicle up to £20k for theft if its parked at my home address but not on a road leading to my premises. In my first year of trading (16 years ago)
I had a customer leave a car with the keys in the ignition outside at the roadside when I went out the car was gone .I stood by my mistake of not getting the keys from the customer and when the police ran the car off the road I footed the bill and repaired for free the £1500 worth of damage plus the original £180 repair .it nearly bankrupt me .then a week later the twat turned up at my premises and said he had forgot there was a box in the boot with 2000 cd,s in and he wanted another £500 .I now have a big sign that says all vehicles are left at the owners risk as no theft insurance is in force

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To put the record straight, Mr. C. Greedy’s outboard engine was stolen along with 5 other outboards, between 8pm on Tuesday 15th November and 7am on Wednesday 16th November. Various other components have been taken and damaged, as well as damage to our property and theft of tools. In order to get at these engines, multiple padlocks including for the main gates were cut, the security cameras disabled, and a 2 inch thick metal door broken open.

All of these boats are left at the owner’s risk as per the signage in the premises, which Mr. C. Greedy would have seen.

All other affected customers, including two boat yards and private customers, have accepted the fact that the company insurance covers damage caused by my employees, not theft – theft is covered by the boat owners’ insurance, if they have insurance, hence the signs saying left at owner’s risk. The same is employed within the motor trade and many other industries.

As you would expect, the police were notified straight away by one of my employees, who was first on scene, as I was in hospital. The affected customers were contacted later the same day by my daughter, Samantha Tilley and since the theft both Samantha and my son Michael Tilley have been available to assist both customers and police as required.

We have assisted the police the best we can, pointing out any moved/taken/disturbed items in the yard and factory to the SOCO (Scene of Crime Officer-the Forensics people) as well as the police officer assigned to the investigation. We have requested as much detail as possible (photos, serial numbers, descriptions etc) from our customers and have passed these details directly to the police.

Should you believe that you have any knowledge about this crime, please contact us or Devon and Cornwall Police quoting CR/081096/16.

Whilst we obviously feel for the people who have lost engines we have done all in our power to keep our yard secure and if customers leave trailer locks etc with us, we do of course ensure they are used.

Paul Tilley
Managing Director
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^ ^ ^

Well said - sorry to learn of the break-in. It's a sh1tty situation all round but sh1t happens, sometimes. Ultimately, worse things happen at sea and clients can claim off their insurance (that's what it's for). And of course, if they don't HAVE insurance, then they can't point any fingers...
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Nice to hear the whole story, The thieves must have been very determined to go to all that trouble. Such a shame there are so many scumbags that think it is ok to steal whatever they want rather than work hard to get it the way the rest of us do.
Insurance is unfortunately a necessity, I think all garages etc; have the "Vehicles left at owners risk " signs up or at least in the small print.
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Who is purchasing all of these stolen engines
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They'll be in a container and gone abroad and the authorities won't peruse because their insured unless they are very lucky and get a tip off.
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Originally Posted by two stroke mick View Post
Who is purchasing all of these stolen engines
Possibly in a container on their way out the country before the OP even posted. I dare say that those involved in people trafficking across the med, who seem to sacrifice the boat, create a demand for low cost engines and aren't too worried about the ethics of the supply chain!
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