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Towing Waterskiers

I have a Zodiac Pro 7 with a 40 hp Evinrude. I've managed to get hold of a pair of waterskis and fancy having a go this summer. Does anyone have any advice on the best way to rig up a tow from a small RIB which does not have an A Frame. I already have a bridle with snap on hooks but not sure where to attach it?
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You need a couple of U-bolts through the transom to connect your bridle. Most RIBs come equipped with these and they are commonly used to secure the RIB to its trailer.
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You should have two towing eyes on the back of the boat already. I too have the Zodiac Pro 7. Attached is a piccy showing what you need to use and if you dont have them, then its what you need to get.

Then just clip on and away you go.

Just remember when pulling anyone they will go twice as quick as you on a turn
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Hi there,

I have never done it but I'm sure you need to have 2 in the boat, one to act as spotter.

Is that correct anyone?

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I would have thought that would be the sensible way to do it unless there was a dead-man's switch that triggered an alarm or similar when the tension came off the tow line. Don't know what's around really as I've not done it myself, but seems like the driver would have a hard time watching where they were going as well as watching the skier.
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Depending on where you plan to ski you might need to have a spotter because of byelaws etc.

I haven't seen any 'dead mans handles' type systems but if you are experienced it is certainly possible to tow single handed (although obviously less safe). You can usually feel when a skier has gone-particularly with small boats, and your course should be straightish to have a good pull anyway. If you are picking your way through boats then it's probably too crowded to be skiing. Professionals (on lakes) will usually be single handed but will have a mirror set up.

Your insurance might also need to be supplemented to include towing. Find out where waterskiing is permitted near you and if you need a licence.

South coast:
Torbay- couple of areas no licence needed - see Torbay harbour website
Portland - can waterski in the harbour (!) but need a licence
Weymouth - area off beach - licence needed
Poole - one area licence needed
Southampton/Portsmouth some dedicated areas or ok if more than a certain distance offfshore.
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Thanks for all the advice. Looks like I'll be able to clip the bridle into the towing clips and off I go.....Splash!
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Your spotter will need to be on the bow rather than on the seat behind you as the 40 will get the skiier up but getting the bow down to get it on the plane requires weight at the front. The weight of the skiier will determine how well you get the person popping out of the water. I had a zodiac 7 with a 40hp and whilst the lads were young it was fine. I now have a pro 9 with a had better start saving!!
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In Jersey it's the law to have a spotter, quite a sensible law for a change IMO.
As insurance is also compulsary here, we need to have an add on to our policies that extends 3rd party liability to cover the towing of skiers and toys etc. Another good idea I think
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