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Inflatable Boat Cleaning..


I've seen a lot of different methods of cleaning on here and I would like to share some advice I picked up from a raft repairman that has been in the business for over 20 years and really knows his profession. First, harsh chemicals are a last resort!! MEK and Toulene are chemicals that will take the top coat off both hypalon and pvc, they will work, and are extremely effective, but use only as a last resort because if used to much they will pull your boat down to the fabric. The best thing to use for routine cleaning is mild soap and water, such as car wash soap or dish soap. For the old stained boat the best thing to use is citrus hand cleaner with pumice, found at most auto parts stores. It takes a lot of hard work to do the whole boat this way, but it is very effective and not as harmful to your materials as the harsh chemicals. It took about four hours to do my 20 foot rib this way, but it looks great. Just thought I'de share.

"Ribbed, for her pleasure"
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Thanks for that. I'm always looking for new ways to clean the boat.

Agreed you have to be careful with the chemicals. TFR seems fine on tubes so far. I've never used MEK and Toulene to clean.

I'll get some citrus hand cleaner with pumice next time I'm at the car shop and see what I think of that.

If nothing else it will help my yellow boat smell like it looks

Regards Nick R.

PS. Have you got any before and after pics of your boat to impress us ?
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Agree that MEK / Toluene / thinners aren't for everyday cleaning. However, they are great for restoration projects, as sometimes you do want to take the top layer off the tubes, to reveal the good stuff below.
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Spray 9

I have always used Spray 9 multi purpose cleaner, not alot of people have heard of it but it gets rid of all stains with minimal effort. It is a cleaner/degreaser that disinfects and deodorizes too. It is biodegradable as well. I then use Spray 9 once over which protects the tubes and boat from UV damage.
I know a couple of people on here have used it and have been very impressed, it really is a hidden gem.
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