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The Vipermax is also available in 5.5m length, which the OP has stated in the criteria. The 5.5 is rated to 135hp max.
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Originally Posted by Chris
Nice use of a simlie
U taught me everything I know about them. Especially from my iPhone in the west of scot!!

If u check all my posts I use that one
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Originally Posted by Alzi View Post
Just to sidestep a little , on the original post there was a list of possible makes , , What material do you want it made from , beaing in mind Divers do carry things like knives and buckles so does the material have a deciding factor ? , Hypalon , Pvc OR PU. and do all the makes offer a choice?

After Repairing Both in the past , I personally would opt for Hypalon Everytime.
it is a little bit of a sidestep from the original topic - the material not really affecting handling in rough seas (until I stand corrected) but still interesting to see if people can add it to their recommendations, and perhaps saved for a different thread. (in fact, I see a new thread today about Tornado in PU or Hypalon - XS ribs make both for the same cost apparently)

PU advertises itself as more hard wearing, so less likely to fade and scratch in the first place with all those tanks/portholes being dragged over the side by the diving crowd, but much more difficult to repair (especially welded PU seams if I read correctly). I'd rather do my own repairs, so Hypalon wins for me, especially on a 2nd hand boat that doesn't justify re-tubing just yet

cheers for the reply

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There's a lot more to consider than just deep-V if you're looking for a RIB that handles rough sea. Reverse chine (Tornado and Scorpion have a very distinctive reverse-chine) is a feature that is important, as is the bow profile - depending on the size of RIB. Osprey have good handling despite not being particularly deep V or having a reverse chine - their bow profile seems to particularly suit small to medium size RIBs. Gemini and Ribtec that I have had experience of have both deep-V and good bow profile for small RIBs. And the height of tube attachment can have quite a profound effect on handling. Spray rails help divert the water away from the hull and keep it out of the boat, keeping you dry and comfortable. Also a hull design that works well in a head sea isn't necessarily going to work well in a following sea, and vice-versa.
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