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Captive Nut / Bolt arrangement for Seat mounting

Just acquired two new Jockey Seat bases, and rather than drill the bases and
self tap/mastic to the deck, I would like to be able to remove and refit this extra pair when required.
I have seen a post previously about recessed threded sleeves inset into the deck and then the seats bolting down to these sleeves.

The seats are one man jockeys and I expect six bolts a seat would handle it.
Thats 12 in total... but if this looks like it would work I would also remount the front two jockeys the same 24 in total.

Anybody done this already and want to wade in with some advice,
and more practically, anyone know who holds stock if this sort of fastening
in stainless...and how much they cost ?

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I looked around and couldn't find any, so have made them myself.

They are however the sort of thing a local engineering company would make up quite cheaply if offered cash. The thread you mention was by Dan Worth who went down this route.

I'm now able to keep my RIB for another year, so am getting to the point of fitting mine to the deck.

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PM Coachrib. He did the same with his XS530 - nice setup!
Is that with or without VAT?
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I was looking at this idea some time ago.
What I thought could work, and I don't know the proper name of it, it is a smaller version of the system that is used to fix containers on to lorries.
You have an insert fixed into the deck that can be sealed and into that goes a T shaped fixing, that can be turned 90 degrees to secure it.
I have just found out what it is called, its a twistlock.
These are much larger than what I had in mind, but it might give you an idea of how it works.
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