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Country: Canada
Town: vancouver
Length: under 3m
Engine: 15hp
Join Date: Apr 2006
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Hi does anyone have anything good or bad about the brigs RIBs any info would be great thanks

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Country: USA
Town: Massachusetts
Boat name: Tibs
Length: 6m +
Engine: 150 HP O/B 4 stroke
Join Date: Mar 2005
Posts: 40
The small tenders are okay,(3m and under) but I would consider a different make if you're looking for a larger RIB. You might want to check out RIBCRAFT USA, down in Boston. Their smallest model is 4.8m, so if this size is what you're looking for, and larger, give them a look.

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Old 22 May 2006, 08:30   #3
Country: Canada
Town: North Vancouver
Make: Brig Eagle 500
Length: 5m +
Engine: Yamaha F75
Join Date: May 2006
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I think TIBS should flesh out his response.

Admittedly, I have not tested many RIBS. But what I can say is that the design, engineering, fit and finish, and materials on my Eagle 500 are first-class. If their small tenders come anywhere close, you will not go wrong.

I also like the fact that there is a Canadian connection -- the designers are former aerospace engineers based in Eastern Canada. Manufacturing was fairly recently moved the Ukraine. (I usually cheer for the home team!)
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Country: UK - Scotland
Town: Glasgow
Boat name: The Black Pearl
Make: BRIG F400S
Length: 4m +
Engine: 40HP E-TEC
Join Date: Feb 2006
Posts: 91
Originally Posted by mikefran
Hi does anyone have anything good or bad about the brigs RIBs any info would be great thanks
I recently bought one of the Falcon Rider F400S RIB's. It's the smallest at 4m with a deep-v hull. I'm very happy with it so far, the overall finish of the boat is great and it handles well too. My only minor issue with it so far was that it took a bit of trial and error to get a fuel tank that would fit inside the console that was a decent size! In the end I found a 22L Tempo, a long variant with a long handle on top which does the job nicely.
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Country: UK - England
Town: Looe
Make: Delta
Length: 4m +
Engine: Mercury
Join Date: Apr 2004
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I rigged a Brig boat the other day for southampton College, cant remember what size it was though!!, I put a 135 Opti on it. Have to say it was quite a nice boat, did find it a bid hard work in choppy water though as its not a very deep v hull. Its flatish front nose tended to dig into the waves a bit a push the boat around. Also found the Seats were far to close to the Console and made it very uncomfortable to sit down for more than two minutes and when i stood up the seats really cut into the back of your legs. There more like bar stools than Rib seats, but hey. I think the boat must have been about 5.8- 6m ish. It was easy to rig though as the console is hinged allowing lots of access underneath it. Also looks pretty good too.
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Country: USA
Town: Oakland CA
Length: 3m +
Join Date: Feb 2005
Posts: 6,653
No experience with Brigs, sorry.

If you're in Vancouver, you might take a peek at Polaris Inflatable; they're in Langley, just south of Vancouver, I think.


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