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Country: UK - Scotland
Town: stirling
Make: Avon
Length: 4m +
Engine: 30
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new member from stirling

hello, im new to boating and ribs. Ive recently purchased a lovely Avon 400 adventure with a 30hp 4 stroke on the back. im considering options for bimini type tops? also I like the look of the bars that go over the back of the boat that the nav lights mount on. Prop advice would also be welcome as looking to try water-skiing.

Its perhaps a little small for me so may at some point change for a larger one however it was in such great condition and the engine is so sweet I just had to buy it.

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hi there,

welcome to the madness :-)

bimini top!!!! in Scotland!?!

Your choices for this are quite limited, you can get some on ebay but i have no idea on how useful they are, someone else may be able to answer that more specifically. i'd be inclined to suggest just use the correct clothes for whatever the weather is.

I assume you mean an A frame for the back of the boat, you would be best putting a wanted advert on here or keep an eye on ebay, you should be able to pick up a single tube quite easily i would have thought if you have a bit of DIY skills to make it fit. some options here perhaps-

I am not sure about the prop question but my immediate thought was a 4m boat with 30hp 4 stroke isn't going to pull a skier easily. I think those boats are rated for 50hp, it should be on the transom plate. perhaps the reason yours only has a 30 is they were known to have problems with transoms cracking and the owner/builder decided to use a lighter speculation.....or they could have just wanted to save the money, either way 30hp is going to be enough to have fun with on it.

given what you are asking now it may be worth just using it for what it is and get the boat you really want rather than plough wedge into this one?

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Country: UK - Scotland
Town: Stirling
Boat name: The Gurnard
Make: Quicksilver
Length: 4m +
Engine: mariner 25hp 2s
Join Date: Jul 2013
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Welcome to the forum .. and Im sure you will find it interesting and helpfull. Im also from your neck of the woods

The Gurnard
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Country: UK - Scotland
Town: Kyles of Bute
Make: Humber
Length: 5m +
Engine: Suzuki DF90
Join Date: Oct 2011
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Just a word or two of advice with the Avon. If it has detachable tubes. Be aware that you need to keep the tubes well inflated otherwise you will find a foot of water in the bottom of the boat. Water will seep in between the hull and the tubes. We had so much water in the boat one time we were getting electric shocks cos the battery terminals were submerged.Best to follow the pressures recommended in the manual at all times. Have fun and enjoy.
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Country: UK - Scotland
Town: Denny
Boat name: Highland Bluewater
Length: 6m +
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Hi there. Welcome to boating and I'm sure you'll end up addicted like the rest of us.

As Xk59D says you'll probably struggle to get a skier up with a 30hp. General rule is you subtract 15hp for an average sized skier and what's left is what you've got to propel your boat. However you're as well having a play and getting used to your boat before trying to pull skiers anyway.

You didn't say if the boat's new or second hand...If it is second hand just check the trailer bearings, they're dirt cheap and generally easy to change but they tend not to last. Mine get changed at least once a year. I don't maintain them on the basis, if I've gone to the effort to strip them, I'll just replace them anyway..

Any problems, you know where we are..
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Country: UK - Scotland
Town: Winchburgh west Lothian
Boat name: Papa Bear V1
Make: Humber 5.3 Ataque
Length: 5m +
Engine: 40 Mercury four stro
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Welcome to the Madhouse,,,,,,,,
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Country: UK - Scotland
Town: glasgow
Boat name: arriba
Make: marlin
Length: 7m +
Engine: suzuki 300
Join Date: Jun 2007
Posts: 315
welcome to the forum
great place to find all sorts of rib related info
Ive have a bimini with my rib used twice in 7/8 years
ashtray on motorbike comes to mind
never miss an opportunity
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