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Peak suspension

Got a pair of new peak suspension units. The torsion type.
Has anyone got any bright ideas to stop water/grit/salt ingress? As I see they are basically open ended where the Ďarmí attaches. So I have spent a small fortune on POR 15 products to prep and paint them to prolong their life but seems pointless if they will just rust from the inside out.

As they are already doing. As a note to anyone buying these products a word of caution from a new owner. They come pre rusted for you to deal with so thatís nice 😭
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Probably the only thing you can do is squirt something like waxoil down the voids & renew on an annual basis. Unfortunately it seems suspension components on trailers are almost classed as consumables & require renewal every 8-10 years or so. If its not the arms rotting away the brake back plates disintegrate. I guess you just need to add the cost of replacement into annual ownership costs. Over a few years it's actually not much per year
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I'd maybe look at epoxy paints to give them some hard wearing protection if they aren't already suitably coated. The open ends will actually help to avoid trapped water inside, especially if you submerge the trailer.
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